Nutcase Helmets

Go Nuts! Nutcase helmets are now at eco-Bikes.

We’re going nuts about our new helmets!

Yes eco-Bikes is now selling the latest Nutcase helmets — the safety head gear that people actually love to wear!

Nutcase helmets combine the best in helmet design with colour and panache to make wearing a helmet fun.

These new Gen 3 Nutcases have the simplest of buckles — auto clicking magnetic clips that are quick and easy to secure and remove. 

All helmets come with a removable sun-visor and are readily adjusted using a rear dial. Their head-hugging shape provides optimal protection while a set of foam inserts helps give you a perfect fit.  

Nutcase helmets come in a range of sizes. The medium sizes will suit most people aged 16 and over, and there is also a range of  ‘Little Nutty’ helmets for kids. Nutcase Street Helmets are designed for bike riding as well as skating, roller skating or foot-scooters. 

Have a browse or come in to the shop and try out our nutty range!!

All adult sized Nutcases are $95 inc GST.

New range of Nutcase helmets

With the latest range of Nutcase helmets at eco-Bikes, there's bound to be one to suit your style.


Nutcase Features

Features of Nutcase Gen 3 Street


Cycling, Skateboarding & Scooting


  1. Injection-molded ABS shell 2.
  2. Front intake vents, seven top-mounted exhaust vents, and two rear exhaust vents
  3. Internal channeling in the expanded polystyrene to allow air flow and enhanced ventilation
  4. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) protective inner foam for high impact protection
  5. Adjustable and removable Spin Dial allows for a comfy snug fit. Now reflective!
  6. Additional pad set included for optimal fit
  7. Anti-pinch, magnetic buckle for easy, one-handed operation
  8. Three Sizes: S (52cm-56cm), M (56cm-60cm) & L (60cm-64cm)
  9. 360 degree reflectivity - Spin Dial, tri-glides, and front & back Nutcase logos
  10. Deluxe soft chin pad for extra comfort
  11. Snap-in visor for sun and rain protection
  12. Accommodates optional snap-in ear pads


Nutcase Styles

Nutcase Watermelon

Nutcase Watermelon

Nutcase Hula

Nutcase Dots

Nutcase Mellow Swirl

Vanilla Sky

Atlantic Blue

Dutch Orange

Fire Engine Red

Vanilla Sky


Nutcase Sizing

Size Chart

Sizing Gen 3 Street/Bike Gen 2 Snow Classic Water
XS Little Nutty  46-52 cm* 46-52 cm (Snow/Bike)  
Small 52-56 cm 52-57 cm (S-M) 53-55 cm (S-M)
Medium 56-60 cm   56-58 cm (M-L)
Large 60-64 cm 58-62 cm (L-XL) 59-61 cm (L-XL)

* Generation 3: XS Little Nutty available 2014. 

How to Fit Your Helmet Correctly 

Step 1: Measurement

Measuring head sizePlace a tape measure slightly above the ear and bring it across the mid forehead completely circling the head about 1 inch above the eyebrows.

Do this 2 or 3 times to double check that you have the largest measurement. If you do not have a tape measure, use string and then a rule to measure the string.

With your largest measurement compare it to the size chart above for Street, Snow and Water. Also see the Q&A about fittings below.

Step 2: Wearing the helmet or trying on

Incorrect positioning of helmetIf you're in the store and you've determined your size in Step 1, try it on and adjust the straps. Now ensure the helmet sits level on the head and does not slide or move freely when you move your head side-to-side. If it moves, the helmet is too large. Change out the default internal foam pads (8mm) to a thicker set (12 or 16 mm) to provide a snug fit. Combining different pads will further customise your fit (e.g. 12 mm at the front and 8 mm at the rear). The foam pads attach by velcro. 

Test it side-to-side again and do the push test: When someone places a palm to your forehead they should not be able to push the helmet backwards off your head.

If changing to thicker pads still does not help, you may need to try one size smaller. Once again adjust straps and internal foam pads for fit and do the same test side-to-side roll and push test.

Important: Do not allow a toddler or child to ride without making these strap and foam adjustments. For Little Nutty, ensure the Spin Dial adjustment is also made.

Step 3: Proper fit

Correct positioning of helmetThe front of the helmet must sit above the brow and the back of the helmet must not touch the nape of your neck. The chin strap should be snug but not too tight as to cause discomfort or choking.

Securely fasten the chin strap and try to roll the helmet off your head. If the skin on your forehead moves slightly, you have a good fit.

The side straps should be adjusted to form a clean triangle encompassing each ear area.

Read about helmet safety and safety standards here.


Q. Will the Little Nutty helmet fit my child?

A. Little Nutty is designed for use by toddlers aged approximately 3-5 years with a head circumference measuring 46cm - 52cm. It can be adjusted with a Spin Dial. We do not recommend any helmet for a child aged 1 year old or less. A child must develop neck strength in order to have optimal benefit from a helmet.

Always measure your child's head circumference and refer to the helmet size chart on this page. Or, ideally, fit the helmet at our store or another Nutcase dealerAll kids are different, but in general those over the age of about 6 are better suited to the size range of the S-M helmet.

Q. I'm an adult but I'm in-between the two size ranges for your helmets, what should I do?

Our Street Helmets are S (52-56cm), Medium (56-60cm) and Large (60-64cm). If you are right on the range between two sizes, you should generally choose the larger helmet. You can then use the included pads to give you a snug fit and the extra width and depth will better cope hair and better cover your frontal lobe and temples.

When you receive your helmet always remove the default padding from inside the helmet and use the foam pads in the box to create a custom fit at the back and front of your head.  

Q. How do I store and maintain my helmet?

  • Do not use commercial or domestic cleaning products on your helmet. Rinse the helmet in clean water and use a small amount of PH neutral soap/detergent only. 
  • Dry off or leave to dry away from direct heat or sun.
  • Always store helmets in a dry, cool, dark and chemically-neutral place. Avoid UV rays, sharp corners, sources of humidity. heat or corrosive substances. Do not store when wet.
  • Replace the soft foam pads when required.
Every Nutcase Helmet also comes complete with a manual outlining the best way to store and maintain your helmet when not in use.  

Q. I've had a fall. Should I replace my helmet?

Nutcase Little Nutty, Street, Water and Snow helmets are classed generally as 'single impact'. If you are in a crash, serious fall or accident, the helmet should be replaced immediately. This is because the thick black/grey EPS liner which absorbs impact may be damaged. Watch this video about the science and physics of safety gear.
Q. My matte-finish helmet is developing a sticky residue. Why? What should I do?
Your helmet may have been left in heat or sun and been damaged by UV ray exposure for a prolonged period such as 3 or 6 months. Nutcase warrants against manufacturing defects and cannot cover wear-and-tear caused by individual storage and care situations. Do not use commercial or domestic cleaning products on your helmet. If the helmet is sticky, trying to clean it may degrade the paint finish further. 

Always store helmets in a dry, cool, dark and chemically-neutral place. Avoid UV rays, sharp corners, sources of humidity. heat or corrosive substances. Do not store when wet. Do not leave outside even if your shed, deck, car port is covered. Do not leave inside cars, boats or other vehicles as warm temperatures are concentrated in these areas.  

Some stories from Nutcase customers can be found at "Thank You Nutcase"