Electric conversion kits

Convert a favourite bike to electric with kits from eZee Bikes and SolarBike

Interested in converting your well-loved bike to an electric bike? We can help.

eco-Bikes has helped many owners convert their bikes with great kits from eZee Bikes and SolarBike.

But first, it's best to check whether your bike is suitable and safe for conversion.

1. Bike checklist. Good, high quality brakes, strong forks with adequate spacing for the hub motor, compatible gearing and strong chain and a secure and safe way to mount the battery. Each eBike conversion kit is different, and you should check your bike against the full requirements of the kit.
2. Bike types and changed handling. Note that once your bike is converted, it wont feel the same. It will be heavier, look different and you'll generally be using the motor when you ride it. Bikes that feel the change most are lighter bikes, such as road bikes or flat bar road bikes. Bikes that feel the change least are those with front suspension, hub gears, a bit more weight and wider tyres.
3. Consider value for money. A conversion does not always offer the best value for money compared with a custom built electric bike. You need to consider the cost of the bike, conversion kit and installation. It is also likely you will miss out on extras that  come with a custom built e-bike, such as overall handling and balance, the inbuilt lights, mudguards, pannier rack, kick stand and cycle computer.
4. Select, install and get it checked out. Once you've considered these points and decide that a conversion is the right way to go, select the kit that may best suit your needs. We suggest looking at the eZee Bike kit (below) for frequent or heavy use, hillier rides and for quality and durability. For less demanding or lighter weight riding, you could consider a SolarBike kit. Unless you’re a great bike mechanic with a good knowledge of electronics, it is always recommended that you get a conversion kit professionally fitted. This will ensure that you get a neat, hassle free conversion and a good looking bike to ride!